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How to send messages

The main purpose of the program is to send personalized e-nail messages to recipients via SMTP servers or services.
Use Mail-Start Sending item of the main menu or Start button on Speed Bar to start sending. After starting the process of sending, the program will display Sending panel automatically. This panel displays the list of all active threads with current states.
Use Mail-Abort Sending item of the main menu or Stop button on Speed Bar to abort the process of sending.
After stopping the process of sending, you will see message box containing statistics. If sending has been completed with errors and some recipients are processed unsuccessfully, check settings of your SMTP servers in List of SMTP servers and status of your network, then try again until all recipients are processed successfully.
Each time you start the process of sending again, the program detects unprocessed recipients and prompts you to process only these items, or to process all items anew. Depending on sending results, items of List of recipients have different colors . By default, all successfully processed items have green color, fault items are red. All unprocessed items of List of recipients do not have any special color. When you save current mailing list to a file, attributes of sending are saved to the file as well, so you can easily continue the process of sending next time. Use Mail-Reset Attributes item of the main menu or Attributes button on Speed Bar to reset attributes of sending.

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