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How to import and export addresses

Mail Bomber has a useful mechanism allowing you to share your recipient database between Mail Bomber and other programs. Mail Bomber enables you to import addresses from various source files, and to export them from Mail Bomber to plain-text files, which can be easily used by any other programs. Because the program supports CSV and RAW data formats, you can import data prepared by Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc. You can import plain-text files made earlier by Mail Bomber using File->Export feature. Also, you can collect e-mail addresses from any text files with delimiters such as HTML, TXT, RTF, CSV, RAW, etc.
· Use “File-Import” item of the main menu to Import addresses from files or file directories.
· Use “File-Export” item of the main menu to Export addresses to plain-text files.

Mail Bomber supports plain-text files where lines are separated by hard returns, and each line of the file contains e-mail address, name and custom fields of a single recipient.

This is an example of a line of the file:
"","Peter Bond","Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5","Field6","Field7"
· Quotes – string limiter
· Comma – field separation char
· The order of the fields makes sense so, order fields in your sourse files according to this scheme

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