Switching sending to port 26


Switching sending to port 26


Switching sending to port 26


Question: Will your Email Security have the ability to choose a different port for sending, such as port 26, because my ISP blocks port 25?

Brief Answer: It just doesn't make sense, since it will not work.

Answer: Even if we will enable that option, if you choose a different port, other than 25, nobody will be able to receive your emails, because all SMTP hosts and servers work on port 25 which is a standard for SMTP as defined by Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF). You can specify port in your email program, but that is only when your own SMTP Server is configured to receive connections on port other than 25. But from your SMTP to the destination SMTP, I can pretty much assure you it goes on the port 25, other programs take other ports. Here is just a partial services file that shows you how different programs use different ports as standard.

echo                7/tcp
echo                7/udp
discard             9/tcp    sink null
discard             9/udp    sink null
systat             11/tcp    users                  #Active users
systat             11/tcp    users                  #Active users
daytime            13/tcp
daytime            13/udp
qotd               17/tcp    quote                  #Quote of the day
qotd               17/udp    quote                  #Quote of the day
chargen            19/tcp    ttytst source          #Character generator
chargen            19/udp    ttytst source          #Character generator
ftp-data           20/tcp                           #FTP, data
ftp                21/tcp                           #FTP. control
telnet             23/tcp
smtp               25/tcp    mail                   #Simple Mail Transfer
time               37/tcp    timserver
time               37/udp    timserver
rlp                39/udp    resource               #Resource Location
nameserver         42/tcp    name                   #Host Name Server
nameserver         42/udp    name                   #Host Name Server
nicname            43/tcp    whois
domain             53/tcp                           #Domain Name Server
domain             53/udp                           #Domain Name Server
bootps             67/udp    dhcps                  #Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc             68/udp    dhcpc                  #Bootstrap Protocol Client
tftp               69/udp                           #Trivial File Transfer
gopher             70/tcp
finger             79/tcp
http               80/tcp    www www-http           #World Wide Web
kerberos           88/tcp    krb5 kerberos-sec      #Kerberos
kerberos           88/udp    krb5 kerberos-sec      #Kerberos
hostname          101/tcp    hostnames              #NIC Host Name Server
iso-tsap          102/tcp                           #ISO-TSAP Class 0
rtelnet           107/tcp                           #Remote Telnet Service
pop2              109/tcp    postoffice             #Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop3              110/tcp                           #Post Office Protocol - Version 3
sunrpc            111/tcp    rpcbind portmap        #SUN Remote Procedure Call
sunrpc            111/udp    rpcbind portmap        #SUN Remote Procedure Call
auth              113/tcp    ident tap              #Identification Protocol
uucp-path         117/tcp
nntp              119/tcp    usenet                 #Network News Transfer Protocol
ntp               123/udp                           #Network Time Protocol
epmap             135/tcp    loc-srv                #DCE endpoint resolution
epmap             135/udp    loc-srv                #DCE endpoint resolution
netbios-ns        137/tcp    nbname                 #NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns        137/udp    nbname                 #NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm       138/udp    nbdatagram             #NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn       139/tcp    nbsession              #NETBIOS Session Service
imap              143/tcp    imap4                  #Internet Message Access Protocol
pcmail-srv        158/tcp                           #PCMail Server
snmp              161/udp                           #SNMP
snmptrap          162/udp    snmp-trap              #SNMP trap

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