Typical problems with sending


Typical problems with sending


Typical problems with sending


Question: Why Mail Bomber does not send email messages through my SMTP mail account?

Brief Answer: You are using incorrect SMTP settings or your email provider limits you in sending

Answer: There may be several types of problems due to which you are unable to send email messages:

1. You put incorrect SMTP information into the SMTP settings. Please, give your Internet Service Provider (ISP) a call and ask them about SMTP settings you should use in an email client. You need to ask them about the following:

  • SMTP Host - IP address like or name like mail.provider.com of the mail server. Please, note that you must know exactly the IP address or the name of the host to be able to send email messages. If you use just provider.com it may not work on some ISPs.
  • SMTP Port - number of port you have to use to access the server. Usually this number is 25 but can be different for some ISPs.
  • User Name and Password - ask your ISP if you need to use a User Name and Password to access the mail server. If you need to use it, ask them where you can find your User Name and Password. In addition to that, ask them if you need to use the domain name along with your the user ID as User Name like myuser@myprovider.com. Your User Name may look like myuser or myuser@mydomain.com. Please, note that without a correct User Name and Password (if required by your ISP) you will not be able to send email messages outside your ISP's network.
  • From Address - address used by Mail Bomber as address where your recipients will reply to. Some ISPs require you to use only certain From Address assigned to you upon your account creation. Please, ask your ISP if they require it and what exactly your From Address should be.
2. You are outside of your ISP's network. Please, note that most of ISP's disallow sending email messages through their SMTP servers for users located on other networks (not connected to their networks via treir Internet connections). If you travel with your PC and connect it to the Internet in different places via different ISPs, your SMTP server you use at home possibly will not just work. In this case you will need to use a local SMTP server along with Mail Bomber or use a SMTP account that allows you to send email messages from different networks. Such email accounts usually require User Name and Password.

3. Your SMTP server uses the POP3 before SMTP method of authentication. In this case you must check your mailbox for new messages with your regular email client right before you start sending email messages with Mail Bomber.

4. Your SMTP account has restrictions imposed by your ISP. Some ISPs limit their users in sending email messages through their email accounts not providing a full service as they should indeed. They may allow you to send not more than 100 messages per hour or per day, force you to use certain email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora only and disallow all the other clients and mass mailers. Some ISPs give you only web-based email accounts and disallow using SMTP protocol to access their servers at all. In all cases of such restrictions you will be able to send only limited quantity of email messages or will not be able to send at all receiving different sending errors (different for different ISPs). If your ISP limits you in sending you can just switch to a different ISP that provides you with the full service with no restrictions. Another idea is to buy a bulk email account on the internet that is not limited in sending. Before you buy it, please make sure that you are buying a legitimate bulk email account to avoid SPAM problems.

Please, give your ISP a call to find out the real reason of the problem. Problems with sending are not connected with quality of Mail Bomber, they are problems of your SMTP account or SMTP settings actually.

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