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Importing addresses

Mail Bomber enables you to build custom mailing lists from plain-text files. You can use any text files with delimiters as source files such as TXT, HTML, CSV, RAW, RTF, etc. Mail Bomber extracts e-mail addresses from source files automatically and adds them to current mailing list. If you want to import predefined source files(see below), which contain information not only about e-mail addresses, but also about recipient names, and custom fields, use the option “ E-mail addresses, names, and custom fields from formatted plain-text files”. Use the option “ E-mail addresses only from any text files” if you want to import e-mail addresses only.

Use the buttons “Next”, “Back”, “Finish” to navigate within Import Wizard.

The program allows you to import 1073741824 recipients (32768 groups by 32768 recipients each). We do not recommend you to build too big mailing lists because they may work slowly on some old computers.

To start the process, use File-Import item of the main menu, specify format of your source file by Import Wizard and select a group of recipients where you would like to place new recipients to.

Mail Bomber supports plain-text files where lines are separated by hard returns, and each line of the file contains e-mail address, name and custom fields of a single recipient.

Format of lines of the source file:
"","Peter Bond","Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5","Field6","Field7"
· Quotes – string limiter
· Comma – field separation char
· The order of the fields makes sense so, order fields in your sourse files according to this scheme

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