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Dialog box “SMTP Server”

This dialog box allows you to change SMTP settings in List of SMTP servers. You can change the following fields:
· Host - Here you specify IP address of a SMTP server such as the “” or “”. You can also specify here the Port of your SMTP by this way "" or "".
· User ID - Some SMTP servers require this field. Usually, it is a part of string before the “@” character of your email address, if the address is POP3/SMTP.
· From Name - This field is used as the “From Name” in messages sent by this server.
· From Address - This field is used as the “From Address” in messages sent by this server.
· Reply to Address - This field is used automatically as address where recipients should reply to.
· Server Name - This is a name of the server.
· Thread Quantity – Use it to speed up sending by multisequencing. The program will be processing a number of recipients simultaneously. The more threads you use, the quicker it works. Make sure that your SMTP server supports as much connections as you defined.
· Enabled - Use this check box to enable or disable the server.

Remember that for some servers the fields From Name and From Address can not be specified arbitrarily. The fields From Name and From Address can be used as Macro definitions in your messages.

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